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Mood Lifters:  A Mental Wellness Program for Parents of Children with Medical Complexity

September 10, 3-4 pm


Parenting can be challenging under the best circumstances. However, parents of chronically ill children have extraordinary amounts of stress that affects them and their whole family’s well-being. This is due to both extra logistical demands on parent’s time such as doctor or therapy appointments, medical treatments, and hospitalizations but also emotional demands on parents, such as watching their child be in pain, worrying about the child’s vulnerability, or explaining the health problems to those outside the family.


Therefore, we invited parents in the Mott Children’s Hospital’s Palliative Care Programs to take part in a science-based program that focuses on self-care, mental wellness, and identifying strategies to better cope:  Mood Lifters. Mood Lifters is an innovative program that brings together small groups of parents who will discuss evidence-based strategies to improve their mental health and overall well-being. 


The development of the program will be discussed by the Mood Lifters creator, Patricia Deldin, Ph.D.  who is currently an Associate Director at the University of Michigan Depression Center, and Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, at the University of Michigan and formerly, a professor at Harvard University. Additionally, Elizabeth Goudie, MSW who is helping lead one of the groups, and two parents who are participating in the group, Alexis Devries, and Nickki Schueller will discuss their experiences in the group.

Register for the Mood Lifters webinar on September 10 by sending us an email with your name, email and phone.

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