The Children's Palliative Care Coalition of Michigan is a collaboration of clinicians, caregivers, advocates and healthcare institutions, who are dedicated to advancing knowledge, sharing resources and improving care for children with chronic, complex or life-limiting illness. 


Our mission is to provide resources for, and to advocate for, medical professionals, volunteers and families caring for children with life-limiting illnesses, and to ensure the availability of compassionate, comprehensive care across the State of Michigan.


To achieve this, we

  • Facilitate collaboration among professionals, practitioners and families...

  • Organize events to bring people together and share expertise and experience

  • Advocate for comprehensive, compassionate and connected care

  • Promote knowledge and resources related to pediatric palliative care


Executive Committee


  • Kenneth Pituch, MD

  • Bradd Hemker, MD

  • Jeanne Lewandowski, MD

  • John Person

  • Jane Turner, MD

  • Cheri Salazar, NP

  • Gabrielle Tazzia, parent

  • Nadia Tremonti, MD

  • Teri Turner, RN

  • Abigail Waller, LMSW

  • Tara Derby, LMSW

Founding Board Members


  • Richard Graham-Yooll*

  • Kenneth Pituch, MD

  • Jane Turner, MD

  • Abigail Waller, LMSW

* Please read our tribute to Richard


Managed by Association Partners: Kim Gools, President, and Martha Levandowski, Managing Director.