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Mindfulness for the Caregiver

December 3, 12-1 pm 


In this session, Kurt will share a little about how mindfulness can benefit the professional and family caregiver and will offer some suggestions about how to incorporate the practices into daily life.  Kurt used these practices as a long-term family caregiver, a volunteer family education trainer and full-time business manager before he started teaching them.  The session will address a number of caregiver-related aspects of mindfulness, among them:


-  Why mindfulness meditation can be so helpful in connecting with others authentically and how it helps to see the humanity in them, not just the diagnosis.  

- How mindfulness helps bring awareness to and gradually reduce the unhelpful interpersonal dynamics that can show up in caregiving relationships.  

- How mindfulness can help to decrease burnout and foster a better sense of balance between caring for others and self-care.

- How mindfulness can be part of a larger toolkit of healthy practices that work symbiotically to help gradually reduce one’s reliance on unhealthy coping habits. 

- The mindfulness meditation “fine print” that’s not often talked about in the sometimes overly rosy world of meditation.   

- A few simple mindfulness techniques that you can practice right away. 

- Guided meditations to help give you a sense of the peaceful power of mindfulness meditation.

- And more…

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