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Members should receive print copies of our newsletters by mail. If you are not receiving these, we may have an incorrect mailing address. So please call us 517-763-4413.
PDF copies of past newsletters can be downloaded by clicking an image below.
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When registering for a Coalition conference or other event, please be sure to reference your membership details.. Employees or corporate members receive significant discounts,but it is important to state corporate name or department which the membership is under. Even if your employer is a member, it is also worth registering as an individual for the nominal $25 dues,  Individual members receive even  greater discounts, usually more than 50%.
A forum to post comments, ideas, suggestions or criticisms.  If you are a member and have registered your email address for this forum, you can post on this web page or send a message to the forum and to all members by emailing
If you have not registered your address on this forum, please email us or call 517-763-4413 and we will add your address so you can access the forum


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