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How to Join

Membership Dues

Individual Members
(Note: Check if your employer or professional association is a member. It makes a difference!)
Professional - $85
Associate - $65
Parent - $25
Member Employee - $25
*Professional Association - $40

To join online, click below:

Individual Membership
(Or click here to download printed application form)

NOTES (Individual Members)

"Professional" includes individuals involved in providing pediatric palliative care and medical professionals
"Associate" is a non-medical individual not directly involved but otherwise interested, or wishing to support
is an individual who has, or has had, a child in palliative care
"Member Employee" is an individual member whose employer is a corporate member
"Professional Association"
is a membership category for individuals belonging to a recognized
professional medical association, society or academy. (Click for special application form)

(For questions, call 517-763-4413)


Corporate Members
Small non-profit $125
Partnership/small corporate   $250
Corporate Associate   $500
Corporate Professional $1,000
Sustaining Professional   $2,000
Sustaining Sponsor   $4,000

To join online, click below:

Corporate Membership Application

(Or click here to download printed corporate application form)

NOTES (Corporate Members)
"Small Non-Profit" is a charity run by volunteers
"Partnership/small corporate" is an organization with an operating budger under $500,000
"Corporate Associate" is not directly involved professionally, but interested or indirectly associated.
"Sustaining Member" is a children's hospital or hospice, or other organization directly involved in pediatric palliative care.
"Sustaining Sponsor" are primary stakeholders, like our larger children's hospitals and children's hospices -- or sponsors

(For questions, call 517-763-4413)

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