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Membership Dues

Individual Membership
Note: Check if your employer or professional association is a corporate member.
It makes a difference!
Professional - $85
Professional 2-year membership - $150
Associate - $65
Parent (includes spouse) - $25
Employee of Corporate Member - $25
Professional association member - $40

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Individual Membership

for members of MAFP or MSMS, use special short form

NOTES (Individual Members)
is an individual involved directly in providing pediatric palliative care
is an individual not directly involved in palliative but otherwise interested
is an individual who has, or has had, a child in palliative care
"Member Employee"
is an individual member whose employer is a corporate member
"Professional Association Member
" is a membership category for individuals belonging to a recognized
professional medical association, society or academy.

(For questions, call 517-763-4413)


Corporate Memberships
Small non-profit $125
Partnership/small corpn. $250
Corporate Associate   $500
Corporate Professional $1,000
Sustaining Professional   $2,000
Sustaining Sponsor   $4,000

NOTES (Corporate Members)
"Small Non-Profit"
is a charity run by volunteers
"Partnership/small corporate" is an organization with an operating budger under $250,000
"Corporate Associate" is not directly involved professionally, but is interested or indirectly associated.
"Corporate Professional" is an institution directly involved in providing pediatric palliative care but not enough to be a Sustaining Member
"Sustaining Member" is a children's hospital or hospice, or other organization directly involved in pediatric palliative care.
"Sustaining Sponsor" are primary stakeholders, like our larger children's hospitals and children's hospices -- or sponsors
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Corporate Membership Application

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(For questions, call 517-763-4413)

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