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Why Join?

Why? The most compelling reason is to support children with serious health conditions and to promote pediatric palliative care.
Members enjoy:
     Discounts on conference registration and other events;
     Meeting other like-minded people;
     News updates by email and in print.

Health care professionals join to keep in touch with developments in health care affecting vulnerable children and their families.
Family members join to share their experiences with other families and, in many cases, to offer help and support. The annual conference is an opportunity for families to come together.

Business leaders, lawyers, teachers, and others join to support children, youth and families and to build a better system of care for one of the most vulnerable segments of the population.
Our coalition depends on membership to be sustainable. Members make our voice stronger as we advocate for better access to care across Michigan.

Individual Membership
Professional or Associate Member - $75
Family or Employee of Corporate Member - $25

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Individual Membership

NOTES (Individual Members)
is an individual involved directly in providing pediatric palliative care
is an individual not directly involved in palliative but otherwise interested
is for parents who have, or have had, a child in palliative care
"Member Employee"
is an individual member whose employer is a corporate member

(For questions, call 517-763-4413)

Become a Corporate Sponsor
Corporate members add more strength to our voice. Their nominated representative(s) can attend conferences for zero registration fee. Other employees benefit from discounted registration and can opt to be on our mailing list as individual members for a nominal charge.
Small non-profit $150
Partnership/small corpn. $300
Corporate Associate   $600+
Sustaining Professional   $2,000+

NOTES (Corporate Members)
"Small Non-Profit"
is a charity run by volunteers alone.
"Partnership/small corporate" is an organization with an operating budger under $500,000
"Corporate Associate" is an organization with a budget over $500,000
"Sustaining Member"
is a children's hospital or hospice directly involved in pediatric palliative care.

 Call 517-763-4413 for more information on corporate membership, or use the form below.
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Corporate Membership Application

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(For questions, call 517-763-4413)

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