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"Art for Charlie"
Art Show and Auction, June 22, 2011

Artists from across the United States and Europe contributed a total of 200 pieces, ranging from rough sketches to large oils. The show was hosted in the two event rooms of Dublin Square, the pub and restaurant in East Lansing, with live music, wine, refreshments and a variety of raffle prizes donated by local businesses. Professional and accomplished amateur artists have contributed from several states in the USA, including California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida and North Carolina, as well as from Britain, France and Italy. Submitted work included prints, watercolours, drawings, oils, acrylics, and photographs as well as sculpture, pottery and art jewelry.  Artwork was mounted on mobile display boards donated by Lyman Briggs College, maximizing the space available. At intervals during the evening guests were invited to place bids by silent auction.

With approximately 350 attendees, most of whom stayed for the full evening, the show was a success and achieved the objective of establishing itself as an event worth repeating in future years as a possible memorial for Charlie and a fundraiser for DIPG awareness and research.

One guest, however, found the show a little too long:
Charlie asleep at Art Show

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