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Abigail's Journal

Faced with a child's terminal diagnosis, Abigail Waller records her experience
 in the form of imaginary letters to her son, Charlie

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John, Charlie, Esther and Abigail
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If you already know the story of Charlie, click the link above to go directly to Abigail's latest letter to her son -- the first written since his death.  

If you do not know the story and Abigail's reasons
for writing it, c
lick the link above

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from the start of this Journal.
Esther and Charlie
Letter to Esther
Letter to Esther
Friends of Charlie
Friends of Charlie
Friends of Charlie

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A letter to Charlie' eight year old sister, Esther. Abigail tries to explain the unexplainable.   Go to our companion website for information about Charlie,  DIPG tumors, and updates.   Use the "Feedback" page to send a message or leave a comment online.
Charlie died Thursday, December 5, 2013  







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