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Children's Palliative Care Coalition 
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Pediatric Palliative Care
is about life!
t's that extra care -- medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual --  to ensure that a child with a serious illness has the best quality of life and best chance of recovery.

Palliative care supports both the child and the family through the dark days of illness -- and sometimes in bereavement. Concurrent with curative care it has been shown to speed recovery. Through advocacy and professional education, the Coalition advances palliative care for children across the state and helps families affected.

Our members include medical care providers, social workers, government officials, families with a child in care, and all those interested in supporting Michigan children with special healthcare needs.

Registered as a 501(c)3 charity, our Coalition depends on outside support, whether by donation, sponsorship or advertising, or by joining as a member.


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A directory of resources is being compiled. Meanwhile, we have an adhoc list of resources for Michigan families: