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Children's Palliative Care Coalition

Through advocacy and professional education, the Children's Palliative Care Coalition of Michigan advances palliative care for children across Michigan. The  Coalition serves the most vulnerable children in the state by coordinating care and also more directly by helping families, particularly those bereaved by the death of child.  Our membership includes medical care providers, social workers, government officials, families affected, and those simply interested in caring for children in medical need.

Why a Coalition?
To coordinate the care available
To share resources and expertise across the state,
To speak with a common voice that is stronger than one alone,
To add the voice of Michigan to those of similar state coalitions across the country,
To bring hope and comfort to every child and family that is struggling with life limiting illness,
To bring greater awareness and understanding of pediatric palliative care to professionals and public.
What is "Pediatric Palliative Care"? Pediatric Palliative Care
2017 Conference -- "Early Palliative Care -- When to Start"
  Friday, November 10, 2017, East Lansing.
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  Each new member adds to our voice on behalf of children and families.
And individual dues can be as little as $25 a year.
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Our influence depends on our membership.  Help us make a difference!

Individual membership - $65  (Associate)
Family Members - $25
(includes both parents)
Discounted membership dues for:
Employees of member corporations -  $25
Members of professional associations - $40

All members receive:

* Bi-monthly print newsletter

* 50%+ reduction on conference registration

* Have your voice make an impact on Michigan healthcare

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